Sexy Free & Single

The video omg the video *Dies*

The dancing is amazing!

Everyone looks super good.

My bias Eunhyun is looking extra hot.

The outfits are amazing.

The leather/pleather jackets i agree of!!! The best outfits from the video.

The song is catchy, this is going to be on replay all year.

This is my summer song!

Super Junior are back baby!

Another EunHyuk edit. I actually love how this one turned out, my best edit of the day. SEXY FREE AND SINGLE WOOOOOOOOH!
EunHyuk edit. He is looking super hot in the teaser ^_^
Another Super Junior edit.  It’s always better to have 4 than 1 ^_^

An edit i did. It’s currently my background.
While waiting for the actual video i’m just going to sit here and edit stills from the teaser, because i have no life and it’s SUPER JUNIOR.
Oh my oh my oh my i can not wait for the video to come out.
Fangirling so much right now!!